World’s largest diya lit in Punjab’s Mohali to ship message of worldwide peace, unity

World’s largest diya lit in Punjab’s Mohali to ship message of worldwide peace, unity


Mohali (Punjab), October 23

To ship out a message of worldwide peace, world’s largest oil lamp was lit in Punjab’s Mohali, the organisers of the occasion claimed. Over 10,000 folks contributed oil for the occasion that concluded with a world file, they mentioned.

Manufactured with round 1,000 kilogram metal, the world’s largest diya measuring 3.37 metres in diameter was lit right here on Saturday night by chief visitor of the occasion Lt Gen KJ Singh (retd), former normal officer commanding-in-chief of Military’s Western Command, to unfold the message of world peace, unity, secularism, and humanism.

Over 10,000 locals, together with 4,000 residents of ‘Hero Houses’, representing the various material and variety of Indian society, pooled in 3,129 litres of natural and diya-appropriate oils to create this distinctive image of peace.

Themed across the pageant of peace, the large diya was lit within the presence of official adjudicators of the Guinness E-book of World Report, who have been current on the society of Hero Houses at Mohali to file this feat, mentioned Ashish Kaul, CMO, Hero Realty.

He mentioned that as per the Guinness E-book of Information, this diya has been lit with 3,000 litres of cooking oil and qualifies because the world’s largest oil lamp ever lit.

Lt Gen Singh mentioned, “That is an unconventional occasion combining the twin intent of celebrating Diwali as per custom and one which additionally manages to unfold an vital social message.” He mentioned it’s befitting that Punjab which has prior to now seen strife is now the placement of the most important icon of peace.

Lt Gen Singh additional mentioned, “For those who take a look at diya, it’s a medium to unfold gentle, consciousness, data and data associated to peace.”

Ashish Kaul, CMO, Hero Realty, mentioned, “I believed we will need to have largest image of peace on this planet from the land of Punjab, from this nation for the entire world to know that if in any respect there’s something which we’d like firstly, it’s peace, which makes every little thing else significant.”

He mentioned, “The oil within the diya, collected from numerous people no matter areas, languages, religions and different cultural creeds, represents the united resolve for peace and spirit of Indians.”  


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